Friendship Part 4 – Mind Map #06

Title: Mind Map #06 (Process from Unstate 04-02, Four Peaks)
Medium: digital
Size: A4
Year: 2000

Unfinished art piece, ‘Four Peaks’

I created the mind map #06 as an extension from the of ‘Four Peaks’. ‘Four Peaks’ is a set of collages of digital photographs and texts, ‘Art’, ‘Philosophy’, ‘Love’ and ‘Friendship’. They are inspired by Hannah Ardent’s writing on friendship. She uses the metaphor of being in the oasis and these four limbs extending from companionship which are so vital to living that it is life sustaining, living without these would seemed like a deprivation of life itself. You can read more in these links:

1. Hannah Arendt On the Oasis of Friendship

In the mind map, I try to give a certain sense of direction with the 4 cardinal directions of the earth which in a way defines part of our participation in the common world through guidance and movements. The intersections produces deeper interconnectedness and resonance through the bond of creativity. The primary bond of creativity is friendship within this exploration of the mind map. The secondary consideration is the commonality we shared in the world and the daily experiences we encounter. Creativity and reflections as such can be mediated through art, philosophy or love. It is also a commitment to ourselves that when we think about these topics, the weaving of these conceptual threads into our lives creates a kind of net or web, encompassing, strengthening and building a malleable form of structure which seeks to make coherent sense or coherent common sense that is relatable to others in bridging friendships and love.