#Blackboard schemes by fertile art REFINERY(FAR)

What is the Blackboard Schemes?

This public art exhibition is organised by Fertile Art Refinery presented at the Substation under the Associate Artists Program 20/21.

I am presenting a new piece of art work in this art exhibition. It is under the SELF group put together by Jennifer Teo. The SELF group(one of the eight different groups in the exhibition) artists are Eve Tan, Teo Huey Ling, Jennifer Teo, Shirly Koh, Amber Phang, Jennifer Ng, Ong Xiao Yun, Amelia Desmond.

There are altogether 31 artists in 8 different groups. It is an interesting show of art works in different mediums and subject matters. The poster is also a very interesting design working on different roles that women take on. You can check out this link for participatory voting results on the different roles, which is presented in a format of an accumulated word cloud based on the results of entries of roles played by participants which they identifying themselves with.

The 31 artists are spread among the following different 8 chapters. They are
‘A period of Incubation’, ‘Intimacy’, ‘Sensations’, ‘Digital’, ‘Curiosity Awareness’, ‘Amateur cooking show’, ‘Domestic’ and ‘Self’.

Artists Talk can be found on this link.

Artists: Amirah Raudhah, Ang Kia Yee, Ziwei Chen, CyberCesspool, Illa Haziqin, Isabelle Desjeux, Amelia Desmond, Michelle Han, Jireh Koh, Shirly Koh, Eunice Lacaste, Veronyka Lau, Melinda Lauw, Agatha Lee, Winnie Li, Mai, Masuri Mazlan, Nova Nelson, Su Yin Jennifer Ng, Deborah Ong, Ong Xiao Yun, Amber Phang, Yen Phang, Nicole Phua, Raya, Alina Soh, Eve Tan, Teo Huey Ling, Nicolette Teo, Jennifer Teo, Xin Xiao Chang.

The exhibition dates are from 10 December to 17 December 2020 at the substation.

A catalogue can be downloaded below.

  1. Sensation chapter by Ang Kia Yee, Jireh Koh, Nicole Phua, Veronyka Lau and Yen Phang
  2. A little night music by Jennifer Two
  3. Amateur cook show chapter by Nicole Phua, Winnie Li, Yen Phang, Vineeta, Farhan Idris, Veronyka Lau, and Deborah Ong
  4. Kitchen orchestra by Maisarah Kamal
  5. Talking cock in the new normal By Chen ziwei
  6. Security blanket by agatha lee
  7. 2020 By Xin Xiao Chang
  8. Delicate possession III by Amirah Raudhah
  9. Between you and me (2 out of 20) by Shirly koh, Connection in balance by Amber Phang(Front installation)
  10. Untitled by Masuri Mazlan
  1. Curiosity Awareness Chapter by Isabelle Desjeux and Nova Nelson
  2. FFH (Far from home) by Michelle Han
  3. Fana by Melissa Lauw, Jae Lee, Emma Streshinsky
  4. Untitled by CyberCesspool
  5. The world errr bred up being by Nicolette Teo
  6. Unstate #04-01 mind map #05, Unstate #04-02, Four peaks, Unstate #04-03 by Ong Xiao Yun
  7. The secrets of secrets-Being a Woman by Eve Tan
  8. Untitled Wood by Teo Huey Ling
  9. Intimacy Chapter Alina Soh, Illa Haziqin, Raya
  10. In his eyes by Amelia Desmond

On this occasion of the art show, a publication titled ‘SO FAR SO GOOD’ is also published by PM Press, edited by Jennifer Teo, which features 24 artists with 10 questions about their interests, struggles.