Resources-permaculture and the arts

Recently I finished an online permaculture course, it was about 4 sessions of 8 hours each and 2 checkin sessions of 2 hours each. Below are some resources on the Permaculture and the Art. I will update again whenever I can.

Artists Projects


-Documenta, practice of sharing of rice in Indonesia. Art institution working in different ways, neighbourhood, commune. 

-the notion of care in artistic collaborations and the ethic of care in permaculture have some links. Maria Puig de la Bellacasa’s book Matters of Care is brilliant and works with permaculture ethics.

-curious in looking in different contexts which relate with art and plants ( ancestral history, social gardens and so much more) – an artist led project in London, a pick your own apothecary of weeds with proven medicinal properties

- – interesting article by UK artist/writer morgan quaintance about art & uselessness

-About activism, Art and Ecology, there is a platform called XR – Extinction Rebellion that was born in England…really interesting and involved into actions and education around activism too,

-Artist’s project relates to composting for example:

-Edward James surrealist garden in Mexico

-Maria Thereza Alves did a nice project in berlin botanical gardens to do with reclaiming names of plants

-Daisy Ginsberg is planting pollinator gardens as an art practice

-another artist: working with gardens

-A seminar Assembly for Permacircular organized by ZKM in April was pretty inspiring, and might be related.

Permaculture principle

  • Obtain a yield – permaculture principle
  • Observe and Interact, Natural Farming by Fukuoka

All about observing, 15 years observe citrus trees and rice growing in order to develop a new form of agriculture. 
This is a Project in south India, based on fukuokua philosophy. Very productive and an amazing kind of “jungle garden”. i have been there some years ago . one of the best  food production i have seen based on permaculture

  • Produce no waste – permaculture principle
  • Catch and store energy – permaculture principle


solar panel use

E-work has an interesting project creating art projects that somehow produce energy which as i understand they are harnessing and selling as “kunstrom”

Bioclimatic architecture


Slow practice, research, science, how we can do artistic practices more slowly.

do durational projects that develop over time

Resist creating curatorial/funding outcome directives in residencies, grant schemes and stipends to allow time for free artistic production from the artist/producer.

Create a deeper understanding of what constitute artistic values by establishing systems of peer review in most/all decision-making processes

In the frame of art funding, we usually need to report what we produced… which is most of the time difficult. We don’t need to produce, but we need to be creative to show processes… not to waste experiences.

if you dont treat the outcome as important, are you treating the process in a serious way?

  • Apply Self-Regulation and Accept Feedback – permaculture principle



Londa Schiebinger, 

David Harvey

Enigma of Capital: And the Crises of Capitalism. Its about the crises in capitalism that they are inherent to it

Anna Tsing,

The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins


The Empowerment Manual

  1. How to collaborate with each other, how to create structure that is inclusive?
  2. How to work with one another.

Eduardo Kohn

How Forests Think: Toward an Anthropology Beyond the Human

Linda Woodrow

Mandala Garden System


Joanna Macy: Active Hope, the Work That Reconnects


Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer


Sepp Holzer,

Films about Regenerative Agriculture

  • The Biggest Little Farm, Kiss the Ground
  •  Includes animals
  • Productive agriculture