Fresh chilli sauce

Harvested some fresh red chillis from the mini garden throughout the week. Hence, I made this fresh chilli paste. To use, add soy sauce or lime to the chilli paste for food depending on preferences or stir fry with vegetables.

Ingredients, serves 450gm of fresh chilli paste
18 Red Chillis
2 1/2 blubs of Garlic
1 inch turmeric ginger
Some Water
Salt to taste

1. Chop up chillis, optional to remove seeds, depending on your level of spice preference
2. Chop up garlic
3. Remove turmeric ginger skin and cut it into small pieces
4. Toss everything into the electric chopper until the consistency reaches a paste form.
5. Add water for smooth chopping

1. Sterilise with hot boiling water a cleaned reusable glass bottle with cap
2. Let it air dry naturally
3. Store the chilli paste in the glass bottle and keep it in the fridge

Fresh chilli paste