Roselle tea and jelly

Roselle tea and jelly

This is a refreshing dessert. It has a minty taste from the mint and a tint of sourish from the young roselle leaves. I got the roselle ingredients from the garden, I am using the Roselle fruit and the young leaves. Garnishes included the borage mint leaf. I was asking myself what are the possible way of preparing the Roselle fruits into other food for those who are picky about what they eat. Mixing the Roselle fruits into the agar agar after brewing the tea is one of possible ways.

Agar agar powder
Roselle fruits X 6 pieces
Roselle leaves as like
Borage Mint leaves or peppermint leaves as like
Dragonfruit X 1 piece
Brown sugar


Part 1: Making the tea

  1. Collect the fresh roselle fruits
  2. Separate calyx from the seedpod and chop finely.
  3. Boil in water and sweeten it.
  4. Leave to cool.
fresh roselle fruits
Separate calyx from the seedpod

Part 2: Making the agar agar

  1. Cut the dragonfruit into cubes, keep some of the cubes for garnish
  2. Follow the agar agar instructions to prepare the agar agar
  3. When the agar agar is made, add in the dragonfruits and the chopped roselle fruits.
  4. Wait for it to cool and set the agar agar in fridge

Part 3: Prepare the garnish

  1. Clean the young roselle leaves and trim away the sides into regular rectangular shapes
  2. With a toothpick, arrange the garnish in the order of 1 cube of dragonfruit, 2 alternating folded rectangular roselle leaves. Repeat to the end of the toothpick
  3. Get a plate and add in one scoop of set agar agar, pour roselle tea in, add in the mint leaf and the toothpick with the fruits and leaves.
  4. See image for reference.