stem cutting ~bougainvillea, a pot and chinese poetry

This is the present growth of the Bougainvillea plant I propagated using stem cutting since Oct 2021. It began blooming in June 2022. The stem has branched out into 3 different stalks since. Other plant I had grow using the stem propagation includes the Mulberry plant. The latest fruiting I counted was about 99 fruits.

The Bougainvillea flowers are hidden inside some sort of modified leaves known as bracts. The bracts of the Bougainvillea gives it the beautiful splashes of colours and its texture feel like tissue papers. Light, thin and soft to touch. The real flowers stalks grows from the node of the bracts. Their petals are white. It is any sets of triad of bracts and flowers that regenerate.

I bought a second hand ceramics pot last year which was left around unspotted. Since the stem propagation was successful, I thought its suitable for the Bougainvillea plant, so I had the plant potted inside. This ceramics pot is an unusual octagon shape. On each facade, there is a Chinese poem. There are 4 poems by 3 different Chinese poets ranging from different dynasty. Each poem is represented by a type of plant. For this pot, there is the Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, Chinese Plum and the noble Orchid. Accompanying the poems are Chinese ink paintings and calligraphy of the plants. The development of the garden concept with bringing nature into the domestic environment has its long history. Chinese paintings has its own sense of perspective and accompanying the ink paintings of plants and flowers are poetry of sentiments and laments which accentuates the impermanence of nature and feelings.

Admiring the beauty of the Bougainvillea plant, this sentiment is shared somewhat. Its momentary beauty can be captured in the photos. However, the foliage changes every few days. It is different all the time.



宋·苏轼《梅花》Chinese Plum

清·陈维嵩《春兰》noble orchid, Cymbidium goeringii