small additions to the garden project : Lilac Gooseberries Book Club(LGBC)

Recently I commissioned a designer for a logo of a long term project “Gardening/Shapes and shades of green”. The project has evolved over the years and sensing a small addition could be useful for us to examine cultural significance of the garden. Hence I decided to incorporate symbolism into it.

I received a beautiful set of designs but I could only choose 1. Eventually I settled on the logo that builds its form inside a pyramid shape. 

Lilac Gooseberries book club is component project that opens ourselves to the wonder of books and nature. The term ‘Lilac Gooseberries’ is a scent from Yennefer of Vengerberg from the fantasy series, The Witcher books by Aledrzej Sapkowski. One of the many fantasy genres that inspires me greatly. Fantasy genres tapped into the imagination and intuition of our being. It is a combination of many elements that I find them liberating. 

The practice of reading books is a magical journey and a nourishment to the mind and spirit. This is the spirit of the addition. I have a small library of books that are of a mixed varieties of topics. Mostly they are research materials for my projects. 

Further reminding me of scent in contemporary fantasy genre, there is the comedy series, ‘A Korean Odyssey’, I would think of this TV series as a pastiche. It is a spin off from ‘Journey to the west’ a famous Chinese novel that was inspired by the important historical chinese monk, Hiusen Tsang.

In ‘A Korean Odyssey’ the role of samzang is a woman. And her blood has the scent of the lotus flower. You might still find this TV series on Netflix.

Samples of the logos