• The stroke
    This image was taken some years ago in a housing estate in Singapore. This housing estate is unique as it is a block of rental flats. There are 11 storeys. The lifts end at the […]
  • Resident sunbird
    An olive-backed sunbird recently build a nest in our house. The nest has these beautiful firm contours and hanging decoration. She chose to build it on a big branch I picked and use as a […]
  • FFF 2020
    I managed to watch 2 films(both Singapore films) from Freedom Film Fest(FFF) this year. They are ‘Said Zahari’s 17 years’ by Martyn See and ‘the four HDB blocks of Siglap’ & ‘Orang Singapura’ by Tay […]
  • #Blackboard schemes by fertile art REFINERY(FAR)
    This public art exhibition is organised by Fertile Art Refinery presented at the Substation under the Associate Artists Program 20/21. I am presenting a new piece of art work in this art exhibition. It is […]
  • Scraps #01 – traces
    When Artists Caravan first conceptualised Genetic Landscape(GL) for our new project, I did a jumble or a set of pieces of words as possibilities for the way in which GL could be imagined as. The […]
  • work in progress-unstate 04
    In unstate 04 series, it is a set of installation, comprising of two sets of reliefs and a sculpture. The assemblage of the ((common)- ality of the)) world with friendship#04-01#04-02 (Four Peaks)#04-03 Using various materials such […]
  • Better late then never-online art exhibition
    I am showing a piece of art work exhibited in this online art exhibition. It is a digital art piece working around the labour of bananas. On the origins of this art shows, it is […]
  • Friendship Part 4 – Mind Map #06
    Title: Mind Map #06 (Process from Unstate 04-02, Four Peaks) Medium: digital Size: A4Year: 2000 I created the mind map #06 as an extension from the of ‘Four Peaks’. ‘Four Peaks’ is a set of […]
  • #ProjectPitstop-stayhome activity pack
    Originally posted on artistscaravan:
    Early Years Montessori?adopted the activity pack to create some art with their children through zoom sessions. Check out this Facebook postings on their art works. Our activity pack can be downloaded…
  • Tangible Memories
    Photo Transfer on Plaster cast and water-colour papers2007
  • Walkthrough of our virtual exhibition ‘Coming Home’ by substation
    Originally posted on artistscaravan: Part of the ‘Coming Home’ online festival by substation. will feature: A virtual exhibition showcasing the works by artists of the Associate Artist Programme. This is a walkthrough of Artists…
  • Flat Surfaces
    Google images of nature parks in Singapore​Book format, A52011
  • Art exhibition
    Artists Caravan: Genetic Landscape Exhibition 4 to 13 August (Closed on 9 & 10 August) 12pm – 8pm The Substation GalleryFree admission Genetic Landscape exhibition is an expansion of concepts and ideas from Artist Caravan’s zine publication. Zine […]
  • ‘Our collective current’ postcard art
    In Feb 2020, I took part in a postcard art mail. This is the art work that was made. Its a digital art piece with water-colour painting. The words are rivers around the world. This […]
  • Mental Connections
    This worksheet is for empowering the mind through drawing activity to generate loving kindness emotions. It was created for Artists Caravan collaborative activity pack with UK based Singaporean artist, KeeshuYe
  • I found, I draw, digging workshop
    I found, I draw, digging workshop Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA Objective:  The objectives are two folds.1. Adults can learn to create simple clay reliefs sculptures.2. Children can learn about cave paintings and developed interests and ideas of […]
  • Mount Everest
        To get to Mount Everest Base Camp takes a travel through a highway with 66 twists and turns to and fro from the mountain. The Rong Bu monastery is the highest monastery in the world at […]
  • Concepts and senses
    ​Concept ==> language + object ==> knowledge (make connections between concepts and senses) There is a story which Dr David Bohm mentioned in different books1 he had written on the initial stages of learning of Helen […]
  • Angkok Wat
  • The in-between spaces
    Out of the ordinary repeated model “Colors meet and interact.Complex lines together define three-dimensional form.”1 “The field that seems best suited today for thinking through homelessness is neither literature nor philosophy but art. Art is, […]
  • Friendship – Part 3 – The modern art
    After Agnes Martin ‘friendship’, 2018,9″ X 11″, water-colour and gold leaves In this post, we will examine Modern arts take on the topic of friendship. I’m particularly intrigued by the painting ‘Friendship’ by painter Agnes Martin. The […]