Buddhist Art meditation journal

A few friends and I started the online free journal, known as the Buddhist Art Meditation(BAM) Journal. It features art works and creative writings by international artists received through open calls. on historical buddhist image Buddhist Art has been in practice since historical times for veneration and faith to the Buddhist religion. When one visits…

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courage to be – Quote

“There is a reality outside the world…That reality is the unique source of all the good that can exist in this world: that is to say, all beauty, all truth, all justice, all legitimacy, all order, and all human behavior that is mindful of obligations.”

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stem cutting ~bougainvillea, a pot and chinese poetry

This is the present growth of the Bougainvillea plant I propagated using stem cutting since Oct 2021. It began blooming in June 2022. The stem has branched out into 3 different stalks since. Other plant I had grow using the stem propagation includes the Mulberry plant. The latest fruiting I counted was about 99 fruits.…

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Reflection on art show ‘regeneration-ways of being’

How do artists and their practices support regenerative or restorative possibilities towards people, environment, and the things of everyday life. Regeneration refers to environmental consciousness. It is also about how we become concerned and engaged with the world. The durability of the art object and the toil of the artists. The artist liberates earthy materials…

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edamame with mushrooms and french beans

I harvested Edamame and cooked a vegetarian dish with mushrooms and French beans. I cooked the edamame first by steaming the peas in the rice cooker together with cooking the rice so I could save on time and energy rather then having to cook them separately. Edamame has small white flowers. The 2 outermost symmetrical…

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The twany coaster caterpillar

There were Tawny coaster caterpillars in the garden’s begonvilla plant. I counted 8 of them. These caterpillars have thorns. Its a common caterpillar in Singapore. The butterflies are beautiful! I made a 4 hour time lapse video of their movements on the plants stalks and leaves. It was mid afternoon, so the sunlight of the…

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Dehydeated mint leaves

What to do with having too much fresh mint leaves? Dehydrating them is one of the ways to prolong their shell life. I have 2 pots of Borage mint plants that had grown pretty big. So I trimmed them down and used the dehydrator to dry up the moisture for storage. I first learned about…

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