Sound page – unstate 05

Here are the mixed sound and audio recordings for Unstate 05

The sound recordings are layered with guitar tunes, bird calls, trekking sounds and #05-03 Mixed Sound recording incorporates sample sounds of electro robotics loop rhythms. 

Below is an audio recording with author Christine Tee.
In this 10 minutes audio interview, Christine will share her passion, intuitiveness and growth development being immersed in the nature environment at her studies in medium school. Christine is currently a regular nature guide with the Nparks at the Singapore Botanical Gardens.

  1. Can you share with us what are some of the activities you do as a nature guide and as a nature educator sort of relationship to your audiences, what do you hope they will bring home with your knowledge?
  2. Can you share with us the part your life where the natural environment has been significant to you during your school days.
  3. In your writings, you use the term, xiang si duo in hanyu pinyin to enrich the narrative of cultural significance of the saga seed in our everyday life. Can you share with us the games you play using seeds in the school garden?
  4. You contrast nature with nature in your writing and this chapter was also the part where you describe vividly about interactions with trees, leaves, flowers, insects and fellow school mates. Can you share your insights on this nature and nature aspect in this chapter.
  5. I get a sense groundedness through the writing. There is this flow of movement in spaces.  Would you feel that you are able to share some of the more sensory aspect you feel nature has enable us to be more aware of our own state of mind and body.